Winterizing Your Home

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With the recent snow fall and more on the way. Time is running out to make sure your home is prepared for the freezing temperatures. Preventative maintenance on anything helps insure you don’t have major disasters. Winterizing your home is just as important, it will help save you money and hassle down the road. It should be done now while the weather is still good. Here are some important things to remember to include in your winterizing routine. 


1. Remove hoses from outside sill-cocks (hose bibs) where you attach your hose on the outside of your house.
2. If you have a furnace – we recommend changing the filters quarterly.
3. Have a mechanical system inspection completed. We have a 32 point check list we go through.
4. REMINDER as the weather gets colder and we close windows and doors Check your CO Detector. If battery operated we recommend replacing batteries at the same as your smoke alarm. As with smoke alarms, CO Detector sensors are only good for a pre-determined length of time, depending on the manufacturer. If you do not have one GET ONE. Per the local building departments – A CO Detector is required within 15′ of every sleeping area.

Losing heat because of a neglected heater can create a domino effect including frozen pipes. Water damage from busted pipes can be costly to clean up and no one wants to have to deal with a plumbing and heating emergency on a powder day! If you do have frozen pipes and run the risk of them breaking it is important to know where your water shut off valve is to help limit the amount of damage. It is also good to have an emergency number on hand just in case the worst happens. We offer 24 hour 7 day a week emergency services to the entire Vail Valley you can call us at 970-827-5736 for emergency services or to schedule and appointment. Follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks to help keep your home safe and warm this winter